songwriting challenge — week 6

I decided to try to write a holiday song.  I knew going into it that it would be very difficult to write anything that was worthwhile.

Link to the song:



every night i watch the snowflakes fall
i know what it’s like to feel so small
drifting down through the dark
all alone so far apart
i picture you in your hometown
your window lit as you look down
this breeze could carry me aloft
like snow i’m falling hard but landing soft


oh christmas is the perfect time
to tell you i’m in love
christmas, oh, will be here soon
but never soon enough

when we were young it seemed we couldn’t wait
now we’re wiser, we anticipate
we’ve had these feelings for so long
we’re ready now – we know where we belong


the snow has fallen & the night is clear
a perfect blanket from there to here
& under blankets we’re alone
but not for long because i’m coming home


oh christmas is the perfect time…

songwriting challenge — week 6

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